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The Right Place

This past week I have been busy doing what I call a “moving drill.” No, we don’t actually move but we clean out like we would if we were moving. Growing up in a minister’s home who moved every four to five years, you learn to not accumulate so much “stuff.”  The motto I have for our home is if you haven’t used or worn  it in six months to a year, you are probably not going to wear or use it so send it on out the door.

Along with this “moving drill” comes organization. Yes, I am a person that is particular of where things go and belong. My rule is everything has a place and it is important to put that item back into the right place once you are done using it. Yes, I must confess that there are times when life gets busy and things become in some disarray thus the need for the bi-yearly “moving drill.”   When things are in the right place, it usually decreases the amount of the question; “where’s my….?” being asked.

The other day I came across a sign that said; “It is not lost until Mom cannot find it.”  This is so true for this household.

This a great article by April over at Thoughts from the Porch. Have you ever been in the right place at the right time? Have you ever thought,”what a coincidence?” Read April’s thoughts on being in the “right” place at the right time.

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Martha had a..BIG BUT

The title of this piece makes people pay attention when I say it. Can you imagine me standing in front of a congregation and saying to them, this morning’s message is entitled, “Martha had a BIG BUT”? You definitely get folks attention with that one! But that is exactly what this is called and now that I have your attention there is a  deep spiritual lesson we will learn from,  Martha’s big…but.

Let me set the scene for you. Jesus and the disciples are out and about ministering when Jesus gets word that one his best friends is very sick. The sisters of the sick man have sent Jesus a message that he needs to come very quickly because the man is near death, very ill. Yet Jesus indicates to the disciples, that all is well and that his friend is sleeping, but he is going to go wake him up. What Jesus was saying which went right over their heads is that Jesus already knew that his friend had succumbed to the sickness, he was dead. But the disciples didn’t get what he was saying as they answered him, “oh that’s nice, the rest will do him good, and he needs to sleep if he is going to get better”.

We all know the “but” word. Usually associated with negative connotations. In this excellent article by Darrell over at Darrell Creswell’s Blog, it is used in a positive way! This is a great article about how God can and will overcome. There are no “buts” to big for God.

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