Come Out of Her, My People

Revelation 18:2-8:

With a mighty voice he shouted:

“Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!
    She has become a home for demons
and a haunt for every evil spirit,
    a haunt for every unclean and detestable bird.
For all the nations have drunk
    the maddening wine of her adulteries.
The kings of the earth committed adultery with her,
    and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries.”

Then I heard another voice from heaven say:

“Come out of her, my people,
    so that you will not share in her sins,
    so that you will not receive any of her plagues;
for her sins are piled up to heaven,
    and God has remembered her crimes.
Give back to her as she has given;
    pay her back double for what she has done.
    Mix her a double portion from her own cup.
Give her as much torture and grief
    as the glory and luxury she gave herself.
In her heart she boasts,
    ‘I sit as queen; I am not a widow,
    and I will never mourn.’
Therefore in one day her plagues will overtake her:
    death, mourning and famine.
She will be consumed by fire,
    for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.

In this passage of Scripture, Babylon doesn’t represent the actual city of Babylon. It represents the entire ungodly world system. This passage warns believers in Jesus Christ to “come out” of Babylon. In other words, get out of this world system. I don’t believe this is saying that Christians can’t be involved in politics by any means. However, you better have a clear leading from God into politics. A Christian can NOT participate in the corruption of this world system or you too will “share in her sins.” If you are a Christian and involved in politics or even the military, you must give that over to Jesus. Jesus wants everything in your life. He bought you for a price. The price is his life. Everyone literally belongs to him. It doesn’t matter if you follow him or not, he still is Lord over all! Now don’t get me wrong, I love the military personnel and I have taken an interest in politics, but you must let Jesus influence those things. His goal is not necessarily to pass laws that ban abortion or homosexuality. Yes, those things are wrong. No, you should not stand for them as Christians. However, that wasn’t Jesus’ purpose while he was on this earth. His purpose was to bring us into right relationship with God and to make salvation available for all. I heard someone once tell me: “I don’t think you can be Christian and be a politician.” That is simply not true. However, it’s going to take a lot more than a Christian politician to turn the United States around. It’s going to take a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit sweeping this nation.

I truly believe we are closer to the End than most other think. I’m not saying it’s going to happen this year or within the next 10 years, but it very well could. I don’t know when it will happen. All of the signs are saying that Jesus is about to return. Christians should be looking forward to that and anticipating that with much joy. We should be like the early Church. They were living like Jesus could return at any minute. Why? Because they truly believed that. We should too. Since we are so close to the return of Jesus, we must come out of Babylon the Great. It is essential for your salvation (1 Corinthians 6:17). In order to come out of Babylon, you must give up the corruption and deception of the ungodly world system and allow to Jesus to reign over EVERYTHING in your life. Jesus needs to be Lord over your job, conversations, ministry, money, house, thoughts, and politics. Everything. Come out of her, people of God.

-Austin Registered & Protected


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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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