Should Christians support the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state? The UN is essentially set to vote for one on Thursday.

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(Los Angeles, California) — Should Christians support the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state? This has long been an important question. But it’s particularly relevant this week.

On Thursday, the Palestinian leadership will ask the United Nations General Assembly to vote on a resolution that will give them enhanced international legal status, not quite a full sovereign state, but very close. The resolution is expected to pass decisively. France, Russia, China and most nations of the world have indicated they will vote “yes” on the resolution. That’s right, the world is poised to say yes to a sovereign Palestinian state despite the fact that Palestinians in Gaza just committed more than 3,000 war crimes last week (each rocket was fired from behind innocent Arab civilians, and fired at innocent Jewish civilians, making each rocket fired a double war crime); despite the fact that the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank doesn’t have any control over the situation in Gaza; despite the fact that the PA has admantly refused to sit down and engage in face to face peace talks with the Israelis for years; and despite the fact that the PA is nearly bankrupt and unable to pay its workers). [Note: On November 29, 1947, the U.N. voted for the famous “Partition Plan.”]

The U.S. and Germany are among a handful of nations that have said they oppose this resolution. The reason they oppose this resolution is not because they oppose the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state. To the contrary, I’m not aware of any government in the world that is opposed to dividing the Land of Israel and creating a sovereign Palestinian state. The reason the U.S., Germany and others oppose this resolution is because it is essentially a unilateral move by the Palestinian leadership to achieve a state without directly negotiating with the State of Israel. The Oslo Accords — which were signed back in the ’90s by Israel and the Palestinians — forbade unilateral moves by either side. Thus, the Palestinian leadership is now trying to break the one major diplomatic agreement it has ever signed with Israel. That doesn’t bode well for future peace talks.

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