The Syrian Refugee Crisis and the United States

I know many if not most of you will disagree with me. That’s okay. But I just wanted to give my thoughts on the United States taking in refugees from Syria. This is something I really am struggling with right now.

As a Christian, I want to help the least of these. I am certainly willing to lay down my life in order to give a life to someone else. I know that I am secure in Christ. However, I cannot speak for everyone. It is clear that Islamic terrorists are infiltrating these refugee groups. That fact cannot be disputed. Those who say that security is a non-issue are just lying to everyone-and themselves. It is an issue. It’s a vitally important issue.

If it was just up to the Church and only the Church was at risk of being killed, then I say let them come. But that’s not the case. It is just as immoral to put the lives of others’ children at risk than it is to do nothing. This isn’t just an issue for the Church; it is an issue for the United States government. We are taking in refugees. Immigrants. The government has to be involved.

Now, I desperately want to do all I can for refugees. The situation is dire. I get that. Here’s the thing too: It’s not only Christians who run the risk of being killed if ISIS or another extremist group infiltrates the refugees. Non-believers among us would also die. That is every bit as tragic as the mass murder of Syrians by ISIS or Assad or anyone else. At least it is if you believe in the sanctity of every human life. What I ask is for a way to have better security. There isn’t a system that is perfect. But the current one is terrible. If we bring in refugees without the ability to properly screen them, then we run the risk of allowing our enemy to get behind our line. That’s foolish.

So what do I propose we do? That’s an even bigger struggle. I truly do pray for ISIS and those who seek to inflict terror on the world. But the world they are inflicting terror on doesn’t have a choice, I don’t think. If ISIS will not lay down their weapons and end their reign of terror, they must be met with tremendous force. They should be made to lay down their weapons, or they will die. Many (if not most) Syrians do not want to leave their country. They just don’t want to worry about militants coming to kill them and take their land. Taking in refugees is merely treating the symptom of a much larger disease. It isn’t that I’m not okay with doing that, but we can’t stop there. In order to rid the region of the disease, the forces of, in this case, ISIS must be crushed. The land has to be taken back for the Syrians and the Iraqis. The current regime has to be overthrown.

Again, I truly want to help the refugee among us. But we cannot turn our own land into a warzone to do it. That will not only put us at risk, but it will not improve the life of the refugee in any way.


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  1. It has already been proven that one of the ISIS killers/devils got through by playing like a refugee. In my opinion, we CANNOT open our country for more like him. As for ISIS, I am not feeling any love for them. To me, you can’t convert a demon or Satan. Distroy them! Yes, I’m angry. Innocent people are being slaughtered and more to come. Hopefully not in my country – America!

  2. All you can live is your own life. You can’t live another’s life for them. The Scripture says to seek peace and to pursue it. To draw near to God and he will draw near to you. To seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness… And to be separate from the world! The Lord will work out the other things like refugees.

  3. Austin, the debate you’ve just had with yourself is profitable for all of us to ponder and then support.

    I’ve lived long enough and studied the Word long enough to know about the wide and narrow gates. And I commented to someone yesterday, “…throwing the gates open for all numbers of refugees would not in fact be in anyone’s best interest.” God set boundaries. We didn’t.

    ISIS must be defeated and control of the Syria returned to the Syrian people, so these refuges will be safe and at home. And America must lead the way. Just because we have an unwilling occupant in the White House does not mean we bow to his inept ways. Our Congressmen and women will act if “we the people” stand up and speak out.


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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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