Election 2016-Candidate Review: Ben Carson

This is the second installment of the series on the 2016 Presidential candidates. Last time, I covered Bernie Sanders. Since I didn’t have much to agree with Bernie on, it was a pretty negative piece. In light of that, I’ll tell you about my favorite candidate today: Dr. Ben Carson. My goal here is to be fair. I’ll tell you what I like and what I don’t like. As you all know, there never is a perfect candidate. With that, let’s begin.


Ben Carson is a huge advocate for letting the free market run it’s course. The reason why is he is a product of it. Dr. Carson grew up in inner city Detroit. Growing up, his family was living in poverty. His mother was a single mother and she raised Ben and his brother alone. Through hard work from both his mother and himself, Dr. Carson rose out of poverty and became one of the most celebrated pediatric neurosurgeon’s in the world. Ben knows that true American capitalism works and creates opportunities for anyone who is willing to work hard and apply themselves. He wants to preserve that.

Ben has also said he’d be willing to raise the debt ceiling on the condition of making cuts. I’m not so sure how I feel about that. We already have an astronomical debt in this nation. We don’t need to raise that ceiling. We need to be willing to make cuts wherever is necessary and balance the budget. There are many parts of this government that are useless and are just wasting taxpayer money. Ben wants to get rid of those, but I don’t think the debt ceiling needs to be raised in order to do that.

Dr. Carson has also said he’d like to change our tax system. He thinks the United States would do better with a flat tax rate at about 15% or so. He says that that is the only truly fair tax system. I like this idea if we can find a way to make sure that the essential functions of our government are still adequately funded and we create an atmosphere for economic growth. If I put in $5,000 of taxes, I want an atmosphere where I can put in $7,000 the next year, for example (because I make more). I think that could help fix our broken tax system.


Healthcare is huge topic this election. Many of the Republican candidates have vowed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Who better to help the healthcare system than a doctor? Dr. Carson knows how the system works and what it takes to thrive. This is Ben’s plan for healthcare taken from his website:

            Treatment Plan: Repeal Obamacare and Put “We the People” in Charge

Health Empowerment Accounts to put patients in charge, with more choices at lower cost:

  • First-dollar coverage for out-of-pocket expenses and premiums to buy the insurance of your choice.
  • Your Money. Your Account belongs to you, whether you change jobs or cross state lines.
  • Transferable between family members, because each of us has different medical needs.

Save Medicare and Medicaid by putting beneficiaries in control:

  • Give Medicare beneficiaries a fixed contribution to buy the health insurance they actually want and need.
  • Give Medicare and Medicaid enrollees HEAs to cover first-dollar expenses and insurance premiums for coverage they get to choose
  • Modernize Medicare to keep pace with medical advances by gradually increasing the eligibility age (by 2 months each year) until it reaches age 70.
  • Treat Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries like the rest of us. Give Medicaid beneficiaries the same insurance coverage, doctors and choices that other Americans enjoy, with HEAs to provide first-dollar coverage, supplemented by a major medical insurance plan of the patient’s choice.
  • Save Medicaid by providing fixed-dollar support to the states, which must use the funds for premium payments and HEAs for beneficiaries — not wasteful state bureaucracies.

I think Ben’s plan is one that can replace Obamacare and help fix our healthcare system in America.

Gun Control:

Conservatives criticize Ben Carson because he once said that he doesn’t believe it’s smart for someone to have an assault rifle in the city. However, since then he has said that he would never dream of violating the second amendment of the United States Constitution for legal gun owners. He said he used to oppose assault rifle ownership until he realized that the purpose of the second amendment is to protect We the People from a tyrannical government. Now he wants no infringement on the gun rights of law-abiding citizens.

Social Issues:

Ben Carson is pro-life. He has spent his life caring for children and he believes they should be protected in the womb. He has been attacked by many pro-lifers for saying that he is okay with the use of drugs to prevent conception in the case of rape or incest. They say that it is still abortion. Well, they are wrong. If a rape victim gets immediate treatment, conception will not have taken place. I’m pro-life. I believe the science says that life begins at conception, but it doesn’t begin before that. This does not tarnish Ben Carson’s pro-life record. As a matter of fact, Dr. Carson is the only candidate to truly save the life of a child who was still in the womb. He once operated on a child in the womb. Ben Carson is pro-life. He wants to protect the unborn.

Foreign Policy:

This is where I feel Dr. Carson is the weakest. As someone that isn’t part of the political class, he doesn’t have the knowledge that some of the other candidates do. However, he has improved greatly over the course of his campaign. In fact on the debate on Tuesday, Ben showed an increased knowledge of foreign policy. He correctly pointed out that the Kurds are not properly armed among other things. Carson is willing to use tremendous force to combat ISIS. That includes not ruling out “boots on the ground” if that’s what is deemed necessary. I still feel like Ben Carson has a lot of work to do on foreign policy, but he is learning quickly. He’s willing to listen to the generals and follow the guidance of those who know more than him. If we had him in office now, we’d still be in Iraq. ISIS may have never risen. President Obama pulled out of Iraq against the advice of top generals. Dr. Carson will actually listen to them.

Carson also doesn’t want to bring Syrian refugees to America without proper security screenings. It has been proven we don’t have an adequate vetting process. Carson spent time at the end of November in Jordan at refugee camps. As far as I know, he is the only one to actually go over there and do something. He found what I’ve been saying all along. They don’t want to leave Syria. They just want ISIS gone. They want help. We need to give them help, but we don’t have to open ourselves up to terrorist attacks.


Dr. Carson has a great knowledge of the Constitution. Read his book “A More Perfect Union” to see that. He truly wants to restore the United States to a government of, by, and for the People. Dr. Carson is really a part of We the People. I can’t say any other candidate is willing to eliminate government overreach even if that means they will be less powerful themselves. He has no desire to be a political elite. He just wants to “heal, inspire, revive” this nation. He wants to leave us with a better nation for my generation and the next generation. He’s extremely intelligent and he knows he needs to surround himself with great advisors. He’s not a politician. He won’t give us any of this political correctness crap. He is a citizen that wants to give the power back to the citizens. That’s how our founding fathers wanted it. And that’s why I endorse Ben Carson for President.


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  1. Reblogged this on Sue's Pen2PaperBlog and commented:
    The second installment of Austin Coons, Candidate Review.

  2. Thanks for another good review. Not sure I agree with all of it but you’ve done a great job. Merry Christmas.

    • Thank you, Sue. By all means, share your opinion! We’re allowed to have opposing views. What do you see? Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

      • Hi Austin: I’m not sure I fully understand his medical provisions. I totally agree with get rif of ObamaCare! But from what I’m seeing I don’t think I like giving the state $ and it’s suppose to be given to the people for example. We already know that just does not happen. It’s used for everything but what it was meant for. I just need more information before I can say, “Nah, won’t vote for him.” 🙂

        • Yes; that’s what giving the money to the states will do though. When healthcare is a federal issue rather than a state’s issue, the power and choice is taken from the People. What Dr. Carson’s plan does is give the power back to us. The states are far more likely to properly use the funds than the federal government is.

  3. Good review. Thank you for staying on top of these issues and candidates.

  4. Carson is a good choice as is Ted Cruz. Sanders – well I simply say the man is an idiot. Anybody (well almost) would be better than Obama. We need someone who will step up and lead the people, someone who believes in God, someone who will defend this nation, not apologize for it. We need someone who finds value in morals, we need someone who does not buy into political correctness. 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on Surviving Extreme Trauma and commented:
    I rarely get involved in political discussions. But this post about presdential candidate Ben Carson is so excellent, in my opinion, I just had to share it.

  6. Carson is not my man but I think what you write here is well done. 🙂

  7. The only critique I have is that Ben Carson would not raise the debt limit. He said that he would if he was Obama and he said yes but that would be the last time and they would start taking care of the budget the next day instead of the norm of waiting till the last minute and make it sound like they have to raise the debt limit or America will go in default. Ben Carson has my vote. He has the best American common sense solutions to solve our American problems.

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