Beautiful Messes; Amazing when Broken

Broken Candy

Melted rainbows and broken candy. Love it. And I love God moments; those moments when He breaks into my thoughts with His own.

One of our little grandsons is on holiday break from school. I have been eagerly waiting for him to be able to spend some time at our house. We have lots of fun, new goofy things to accomplish and I want to get them done. God loves fun and goofy as well. He enjoys us when we are enjoying life He has given us. The end results are very precious to Him and He likes to tell us so. My young grandson already has a broken life. I am determined to interject fun and Godly love into his heart and emotions for better end results in his life.

The first project to tackle was making frozen color orbs with water balloons and food coloring. It’s a messy project, but we definitely had fun. Remember what happens when you accidentally let loose of a very full water balloon before you are ready to tie it off? Add a lot of color to that. We, and the kitchen sink area, looked like a rainbow had melted as we giggled and laughed our way through the mess. It cleaned up well.

We then donned coats, boots and gloves. Winter has taken its sweet time showing up around here and we suffered through a muddy Christmas. The storm system that just went through blanketed us with a thin sheet of ice covered in a thick layer of sleet. Water balloons don’t settle into a thick layer of sleet; they roll away. The fat little balloons had to be nested into footprints to keep them corralled. We set them out to freeze overnight.

Water balloons

Next we made almond bark candy. Left over cinnamon and fruit flavored candy canes were broken and crushed, then stirred into melted almond bark with delicious results. Cinnamon candy almond bark is now a new love of mine. Both candies were spread into layers in separate baking dishes and then put in the fridge to harden overnight. Next, late night cartoons until I found myself waking up. He never batted an eye.

Today is a ‘jammies and play day. He and I put on our coats, boots and gloves over our ‘jammies to go outside. We were hoping to find totally frozen water balloons. However, 30 degrees F overnight doesn’t freeze water balloons. They just become crunchy squishy. We need a deep freeze. Oh, well. We’ll wait.

Time to check the candies. And break them. Neither of us had ever done this before. My grandson and I laughed and giggled again, trying to figure out how to break the hard slabs and keep the pieces from shooting away on to the floor. Taste testing was necessarily continuous. Eating the slabs is doable, but not practical. Broken is much more manageable to eat the little pieces. We agreed the stuff is great.

He then asked to play with his Funny Gears, so I began cleaning up the end results of crushed candy by myself. My mind was contemplating thoughts of eating all that candy ourselves, and how eating ALL that candy might not be the best idea. A little bit of candy is enjoyable. Whatever. Eating A LOT of candy is enjoyable, but not healthy. Besides, it would be much more fun to share and enrich others’ lives in the giving. It was at that moment one of those “special thoughts” that slow you down crossed my mind.

I heard, “Some things are meant to be broken and shared.” Immediately, I thought of Jesus.

He broke into my thoughts. God had just reminded me He is here with us, enjoying our fun and laughter, as He broke into my quiet moment with His own thoughts. I love these moments. My heart melts when I realize He has just shared His thoughts with me. I am always richly blessed when I take the time to pursue Him in the thought that crossed my mind and what I feel in my heart.

Immediate scripture search ensued. The woman with the alabaster box was the first example I came to. She broke the box and poured out the perfume. She shared her prized possession with her Lord. Some things are good as a whole, but are meant to be broken and shared. Then they are amazingly awesome.

“. . . . there came a woman having an alabaster box of ointment . . . . she brake the box . . . .” (Mark 14:3 KJV) and she shared. She could have kept it all for herself. What would be the fruit or end result of keeping it? Her glory in the life as a used, abandoned woman? The perfume probably cost a year’s worth of wages. It could have been sold for cash for the money box according to Judas, but He was stealing the money. No glory in that. She “brake” the box, poured it on Jesus’ head to prepare Him for His burial, according to the words of Jesus. This act of love was proclaiming His glory; the essence of fragrance signifying His glory was being shared with all.

More Examples

The loaves of fish were broken and shared. Jesus’ body was broken and His life is still being shared. And the examples from us? Our lives. Those in serious pursuit of a healthy, stable relationship with the God of the universe have experiences of our own nasty messes and insurmountable brokenness, which He has taken and made broken in to beautiful. He has this amazing, wonderful, indescribable way of taking our broken lives, redeeming them, and then pouring out through our cracks His Light, Oil of Joy, Living Water, Heavenly Fragrance, and so much more. It’s all shared with those who are broken and destitute in their own hearts and lives.

He was broken to redeem and save us. He redeems us and pours Himself out through our brokenness to save others, and it continues on. Does this mean He destined us to be broken for His glory? Absolutely not. His original design was for us to be created perfect and live perfect. The ugliness of a broken world has skewed us all. Now He redeems our ugliness bondages, breaks them, and continues to pour out forgiveness to create His beauty and perfection in us. End result? Continued, beautiful, shared glory, in the midst of messes and brokenness.

“Some things are meant to be broken and shared.”

“For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.” Matt 26:28


Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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