Election 2016- Candidate Review: Donald Trump

I hope you all had a great Christmas! This is part 3 of my review of the major presidential candidates. This time I’d like to talk about the Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump. RealClearPolitics has Trump with a 35.6-18.6 lead over second place Ted Cruz. As always, I want to be fair, but I’ll obviously still share where I stand with the candidate. Let’s start with economics.


Donald Trump is a very successful businessman. That much cannot be refuted. He’s made billions of dollars. He also likes to make sure we know he’s made billions of dollars. Anyway, he’s clearly been successful with his businesses. He’s said that America needs a businessman to bring us back from a $19 trillion debt. He may not be entirely wrong when he says that. The questions is, is he the right one? Trump wants to cut the military budget. I’m not opposed to that if it needs to be done, but I don’t think we can afford to do that at this time. Not with ISIS continuing the rise, an increasingly greater threat from Iran, and the rest of the world going up in flames. I don’t think that would be a smart move. However, the United States does have over 160,000,000 receiving some sort of benefit from the federal government. Welfare reform would go a long way to helping fix our debt problem. So much of our debt comes from our welfare system. A lot needs to be done with that. I haven’t heard Trump’s stance on that yet. Also, I think Trump is more of a Democrat when it comes to taxes. From my understanding, he would increase taxes on the rich. That’s really not fair taxation, but it also doesn’t create environment for economic growth. Donald Trump has been big on getting jobs back from China and Mexico, but raising taxes on the rich will only continue to drive jobs out to where they can be operated for cheaper. A part from this, I think Trump is strongest when talking about the economy. I don’t think he’s the best candidate for the job in the economy, but also don’t think he’s bad in the economy either.

Social Issues:

Donald Trump is probably the most insensitive candidate in the race today. He touts it as a refusal to be politically correct. But I have news for Mr. Trump; there’s a line between being not being politically correct and being a jerk. He’s obliterated that line. He recently proposed banning all Muslims from the United States temporarily. Despite what he says, he also applied that same statement to American Muslims, which is completely unconstitutional.

He also says that same-sex marriage is a states rights issue. Constitutionally, he is correct. I have no problem with that. In fact, I’ve been saying that for years. He also has a history of sexist remarks. I’m not big on the largely fictitious war on women garbage, but he would not at all help the largely incorrect stereotype against the Republican Party.

On abortion, Trump said in October that he wants to defund Planned Parenthood. That’s a flip flop from just two months prior when he said they were important, but their abortions need to stop. Which is it, Mr. Trump? In June, he said he wants to ban late abortions, except for cases of rape or incest. That’s not nearly good enough. A life is a life. If life begins at conception any and all abortion is murder. I wouldn’t exactly call Trump pro-life. However, he’s not quite as twisted as Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. But he still misses the mark.

I don’t think Trump has said enough on gun control to warrant an entirely new section. But he says that gun free zones are target practice for sickos. He is absolutely correct there. He says that he want to preserve the second amendment. If he believes what he says, I don’t have very many complaints with him here.

Foreign Policy:

Obama has been jetting around the world apologizing for America. Trump thinks that’s complete crap. He won’t apologize for America. And he shouldn’t. Well done here, Mr. Trump. What Barack Obama is doing makes us look weak in front of the likes of ISIS, Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea. Trump has also identified radical Islam as the enemy. He’s right. We have to fight radical Islam. It’s a threat and radical Islam destroys Christians, Jews, atheists, and even other Muslims. It’s important to identify your enemy before you fight them. Trump also correctly points out that we need to be worried just as much about North Korea’s nukes as we are about Iran getting one. Trump also says he want to strengthen the military, but act defensively. Peace through strength, right? Except that Trump said he wants to take funding away from the military. That’s contradictory. Trump has a lot of good things to say on foreign policy, but I don’t think he has the capability to carry any of it out. He also has a lot of blunders, especially recently. I think he just has a knack for saying what people want to hear. That explains his polling numbers. He’s not even close to the strongest candidate for foreign policy. I don’t have time to get into all of blunders, but just listen to him speak. You’ll catch some. The Muslim ban is bad foreign policy, especially if you expect Jordan and Saudi Arabia (and other Muslim countries) to help us fight ISIS. That’s just one example.


Trump’s biggest talking point has been on immigration. He says that Mexico is sending criminals and rapists here. Despite what the liberal media says, Trump was referring to illegal immigrants. While not every illegal is a rapist or murderer, many of them are. That’s just fact. I can pull up story after story of illegal immigrants brutally raping and murdering people in the United States. We do need a wall. We need a wall like Israel has. Not only will it help keep illegal immigrants out, it will help keep terrorists out as well. It’s not just an immigration issues; it’s a national security issue. Illegal immigrants simply weaken our economy. Especially when they receive benefits from the government. That’s bogus and it’s detrimental to us as a nation. I don’t like everything Trump has said, but some of the things on immigration are correct.


A lot of Donald Trump’s policies aren’t terrible. Some are, but some aren’t. One thing I just can’t get past is his temperament. He’s far too abrasive to be President. Part of being the President of the United States is having the ability to comfort the American people in a time of tragedy. Judging off of Mr. Trump’s temperament, I don’t think he has the ability to do that. He doesn’t project a sense of calm. His supporters claim that they love him because he’s someone who finally says what they want to hear. If it was about not being politically correct and speaking your mind, Ben Carson would be doing much better. But Ben’s not coming off as harsh as Trump. If you take one look at Trump’s Facebook page, his supporters do all but worship him. But I don’t think it’s because he says what they want to hear. He certainly speaks his mind, but he plays off of the nation’s fears. He exploits them for political gain…like a politician. I don’t think he even knows what he’s saying half of the time. He’ll end up flip flopping two months later when it’s politically expedient for him. I think if Donald Trump becomes President, it will be Washington as usual. He’ll be detrimental to the Republican Party and there will be no real change brought to the United States. We need someone that can beat Hillary Clinton in a general election. RealClearPolitics has Trump consistently losing to her in a general election. I certainly despise some of Trump’s policies. He’s not a Conservative. He just isn’t. But I despise how he carries himself even more. He’s not Presidential. He doesn’t give America a good image. He certainly won’t “Make America Great Again.” He’s just a man that gets up on stage to promote himself and rant rather loudly about something. That’s not what I want in a President.


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  2. “He’s just a man that gets up on stage to promote himself and rant rather loudly about something.” Totally agree! Add to that the pouting and all the “it’s not fair’s.” Not what I want either Mr. Coons.

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