WHEN YOU FALL . . . .and YOU WILL (2)


Ready to rise from the tomb?

Romans 8:11 (KJV)

 But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.

What happens to Christians when they topple? When they fall? Many fall away. Something severe has happened to cause them to slam the door on what they thought their Christian experience should have been like and never want to open it again. Some don’t open the door anymore as they are buried in their lives of burden and destruction. Intense pain, sadness, grief and depression have sucked the life out of them. Some Christians destroy themselves completely.

The purpose of this series of blogs is to help you, or someone you know, find where you may be in the process of your walk with God. Stuck? Moving? Hanging? Dead? God can resurrect you and get you going again if you let Him help. I know these articles are long and detailed. But YOU are an intricate creation of God and He knows every detail of your heart.


The door in your heart is the same type of door we see in the antiquated painting of Jesus knocking on the wooden door with no handle.

Jesus knocking

This picture and many others similar, became famously symbolic of Salvation. Throughout the decades, one version or another has graced many walls as wall hangings, puzzles on tables, bookmarks, in churches as stained glass windows, and even lampshades. That little picture would fall out of great grandma’s or great grandpa’s Bible after the funeral.

The picture is the artistic version of the moment of our Salvation. This blog touches on the “process” of Salvation which will continue until the day we die. John 3:16 reveals God’s heart that He doesn’t want us to parish, which many attribute just to the concept of Heaven vs Hell destinations. However, we live continuous moments of life and death on this earth. God does not want us to parish in our moments either. We have an enemy who is Hell-bent on the destruction of our souls. The life of a Christian can be dealt a (NEVER- SAW-IT-COMING) death-blow, physical, emotional, and spiritual, in a matter of  seconds.

Back to the story of the picture. Bottom line is, Jesus won’t force Himself in to where He is not welcome. We have the right to shut the door on portions of life, portions of our hearts, or all of everything. We choose. He is the Faithful One. He will never leave you and will continue to knock and say, “I’m still here. I will never leave you nor forsake you.” The handle is yours to control because it is on the inside.


What about those who seem to find a way to get up and continue, but limp along with broken lives of pain, emotional deformities and scars? Well, some people actually get up and figure out how to survive. Others appear to survive but never find the solution or release to the event that brought the destruction they can never get out from under. They don’t ever quite get to the point of victory but learn to the hide their emotions well to look good. Wounded Christians will continue on in the life of Christianity because they know nothing else.  They don’t seem to “fall away” because they know how to “walk the walk and talk the talk.” This can cause them to live the lifestyle of religion instead of relationship. Sometimes “fake it until you make it” works if faith is deeply engaged, and good if the fruits of healing are produced, but bad if the Christian lifestyle is an empty shell. No relationship with God.

Some Christians will break down and give in to covering over untouchable pain with vices to ease the pressures, but those choices only cause further separation from God, more destruction or even death. Others stoically refuse to imbibe in worldly “comforts” to soak their intensely aching, grieving hearts because doing so would bring on condemnation from God they wouldn’t want to bear. However, these people don’t realize they have already hung themselves on that fence of condemnation. Buried deep in their hearts is the notion that the awful circumstances in life that have consumed them to destruction, never justified, never to receive restitution, in the back of their minds this must mean the Almighty God has rendered a condemning judgment against them. And God forbid they ever acknowledge the thought. Deep inside they believe they have done something horrible in the past to deserve such a fate.  Their life energy is being strangled out of them because of the deep grief and sadness in their hearts.  They aren’t on either side of the fence but on top, and they aren’t in victory either.


They are Christians who make choices to move, even just a little. Let’s take a look at some tips that will help if you determine you are ready for the help.

  1. Keep the door open between you and God. This was mentioned in the last blog. Now I’m going to elaborate a little. You know what the Word of God says about Him. He is eternally Good, He created you, He cares for you, He loves you and wants to be with you. He knows you have needs and He wants to take care of those needs. However, the crushing circumstances in your life have no handles to grab to control and your emotions get run through the shredder. Pain is possibly a big life-numbing boulder in your chest. Somebody or something needs to remove the pain before you crumble. Or maybe you have already fallen apart. It’s so bad the only recourse you know is to shut the door to the world and self-isolate, or shut the door to the crushed part of life and self-medicate. Drugs, alcohol, people, food, activities, therapy, new endeavors, more responsibility, workaholism.

You have choices. Continue as you are, or face the issues and talk to God about the pain. Do you want to move from the place of death in your heart into life? Time to open up. Tell Him you want to slam the door shut, or discuss with Him you already have slammed the door and walked away because, “REALLY GOD?!?!” “THIS” is just too much. “It’s not what I signed up for.” “WHYYY?!?!?!”

He know’s this line of thinking is already in your heart because your actions prove so.


Want to hear something gross? Some infected boils need a medical procedure called lancing, or some infected wounds need the scab removed to heal properly. Create an opening and the infection drains or spews out. After the pressure is released then healthy bloodflow begins to be restored, bringing life and healing. Emotional baggage stored deep in the heart can cause nasty infection and rot. People have testified to the “pressure release” once they opened up to talk with God in total honesty.

Confessing this first line of thinking might not seem like much, but THAT’S a BIG STEP! Confession and giving God your questions is good for the soul. Many Christians have been taught throughout the decades that asking God “WHY?” is wrong. Um, that’s not what Jesus has taught me. His Word says that even though He is King, He is also our Friend, and He wants us to come and reason with Him; to seek understanding and to seek wisdom.

Yes, I’ve heard, “(Gasp) I wouldn’t DARE question God! That’s not faith!” Well, that’s the product of tradition, walking in religion instead of living in relationship with the God Who wants to love on us. Now, how well does not questioning God work with Christians coming up in the ranks today who have lived “normal” threatening lifestyles of chaos and abuse? Their normal lives of survival are filled with constant stress-filled lives of physical/emotional confrontations and battles. They don’t trust anyone. How can God turn them away if that’s the only way they know how to behave? He’s willing to work on the lack of trust. They are saved and loved by the same God you and I are.

There’s a name for the human statements we make in moments of confrontation in the Lord, and God well understands. They are called STRESS RELEASE. Crying is a type of stress release. Verbal acts of negative emotions, such as name calling and cussing, can be stress relievers. Processing emotional stress in the body takes energy and then creates energy which demands to be used (like crying or screaming when someone dies), or stored. If stored, widespread havoc may be wreaked in one’s physical health.

People stuff emotions and then stuff food. Or they stuff emotions and drink alcohol. Struggling with being overweight? Food and alcohol can contribute to weight gain. However, weight gain may be from too much pain in your life. Depression can be so damaging that the body’s ability to metabolize and heal is altered by disease process and overeating is not the issue. Human bodies can gain weight eating carrots.  Human bodies can also lose weight from high levels of anxiety. “Nerves.” Add to that possibly use of prescription or street drugs to medicate.

So, one way the energy of stress is released through our emotions which come OUT of us. Emotions have energy in them and that energy has to go somewhere. Through the vocal cords is one way of release. Yelling in anger at someone is a way of getting that stress energy out, then we feel spent.

Start talking to God and be specific to release those pent up emotions. Be honest about how you feel, cry, tell Him you are numb, angry, feel hateful, He knows it all. Also be ready to ask for forgiveness for what you just shared with Him. It’s not that He needs to forgive you. He’s been waiting along side you all this time with that stuff in there. YOU need to receive the forgiveness He’s been offering because it’s yours in the first place. Automatic.

Ready to rise from the tomb? God raised His son, He will raise you as well and make you


Romans 8:11 (KJV)

 But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.









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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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