Month: July 2016


Most of us have had an occasion where an unexpected trial or obstacle has knocked us flat, interrupting everyday plans and routines. And when a stumbling block appears out-of-the-blue, a bucket full of emotions is sure to follow. Since God… Read More ›

The Father’s Wealth

“And I will give him the morning star.” – Revelation 2:28 I remember reading a story about a wealthy Roman who had a lavish estate, and he had a servant named Marcellus. When the wealthy Roman died, he wrote his… Read More ›

Not Fearful but Faithful

“…and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.” – Revelation 2:10 If others in past centuries—and some even today— have reddened the mouths of lions, languished in… Read More ›

Time is Running Out

 “O’ children of God Almighty the time is near that He who is the Most Holy shall gather His flock together in the heavenlies. Be prepared for the Lamb of God shall return in the clouds with trumpets blowing and… Read More ›