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Cheryl Zelenka is a retired teacher, author, single mom, and brain tumor survivor. Her passion to encourage others with the Word of God is why she writes her Christian Encouragement blog,

Her first book, Facing Trials: Thoughts For Meditation is now available on on West Bow Press.

Her second book is a unique Bible Study called Divine Interruptions. Using the book of Job, Cheryl intertwines her struggle recovering from a brain tumor to his trial and the lessons he learned.

  • Are Your Words And Actions Hasty?

    If you speak words in haste, trouble will not be far behind. Consider the story of Jephthah in Judges 11:30-40. It is a solemn reminder not to uttered vows in haste. “Do you see a man hasty in his words?… Read More ›

  • Captive, Yet Free

    To free ourselves from the snares of the enemy we must become Christ’s captives. In ancient Rome, when a military leader came back victorious, a triumphal procession was given in his honor. A spectacle of chained captives that included kings,… Read More ›

  • Even Adam And Eve Had Parenting Issues

    God did not hand Adam and Eve a parenting book explaining how they should raise their children. He did say, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth,” so God certainly wanted them to procreate. The very first man and… Read More ›

  • Holding Grudges

    St. Augustine once said, “Holding a grudge is like swallowing poison and hoping the other person will die.” We all have reasons to hold a grudge. Situations and people hurt us. God does not always do what we think He should… Read More ›

  • Pride is Insidious

     Billy Graham was once asked, “What is the definition of sin?” He gave the following answer: “A sin is any thought or action that falls short of God’s will. God is perfect, and anything we do that falls short of… Read More ›

  • Lessons From Lot’s Wife

    It is important to live life with a thankful heart and an awareness of its brevity. Every special moment should be tucked away for memory sake. In our golden years, we will want to recall our special celebrations, tender exchanges,… Read More ›

  • A Godly Perspective

    A person’s perspective is an attitude and viewpoint. It can be positive or negative. A positive perspective sees the good in even the most painful and darkest of circumstances. A negative perspective will eventually lead to a hard heart, a… Read More ›