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The Letter

The letter arrived quite unexpectedly and Alex wished with all of his being that he hadn’t opened it at all because then he wouldn’t have known exactly what had caused it. Could he have lived with himself then? A question… Read More ›

In God We Trust

The Author Of Terror Terrorism is no longer just another news story that America hears from a far away place on the nightly news. As of September 11, 2001, terrorism is now a national reality on American soil. The World… Read More ›

Going in reverse

How is your Christian life progressing? A question that has been asked a few times through my life and each time I have replied “OK I guess”. Although to be perfectly honest, often I feel far away from God and… Read More ›


I heard once that “assume makes an ass out of U and me”. It has been brought home to me recently just how easily we can assume something and so easily be so wrong in our assumption. We can assume… Read More ›